This blog is for everyone. We are always healing either emotionally or physically even if we aren’t recovering from an injury or disease. Our bodies and minds are in a constant state of healing – in a constant state of fighting against pathogens, toxins, sensory overload, stress, and the list goes on. Our bodies and minds fight tirelessly to keep us in balance and yet so many times we find ourselves completely out of balance.

So let’s go back to nature and heal in bloom!

About the Creator

Tatyana Camejo

Tatyana Camejo is a designer and visual artist with a passion for natural healing. After suffering from a concussion, Tatyana was left unable to work as she was dealing with fatigue, dizziness, headaches and was unable to look at screens, read, or anything that required mental or physical exertion. In order to keep herself occupied, she picked up a camera and started experimenting with photography – with of course food as her subject. And Heal in Bloom was born.

She wanted to share her story of healing, which started long before her concussion. She wants others to learn from her experience so that they may never have to go through what she did. Through her photography she also wants to shine a light on what its like to live with an invisible injury and raise awareness for brain injuries and post concussive disorder. Her art not only attempts to portray these feelings, but also celebrate the life found in nature. Through her art she wants to bring to life the idea that everything we could possibly ever need can be found in nature. Nature bring us life. Her passion is bringing natural healing into people’s lives through art, nutrition, and delicious recipes!

Her skills extend from the camera to the kitchen where she loves making vegan, paleo, and keto friendly desserts. She even trained at Matthew Kenney’s Plantlab Culinary for raw vegan desserts. When she isn’t making art, researching about nutrition, or slaving away in the kitchen, you can usually find her somewhere near the ocean, sailing, on the piano, or on her yoga mat – Oh and probably drinking tea!

You can check out her design portfolio at www.tatyanacamejo.com