Happy December 1st!

coconut butter and almond butter breakfast

Happy December 1st! I can’t believe its December already! I had no post planned for today, but I woke up inspired to write despite feeling absolutely exhausted and with my head still feeling a bit off from my migraine last night. I suppose what I am feeling is what is referred to as a migraine hangover. Any of you experienced one? Last night, the left side of my head was pulsating, but this morning I still have a faint pulsating sensation, but this time on my right side of my head. This always seems to happen! Its like one side of the brain gets tired of the pain and so switches turns with the other side in the middle of the night! Does this happen to anyone else?

I knew that yesterday I had completely over done it. I was trying to finish up work on the computer, work on editing photos, and dedicate myself to @healinbloom on instagram. I was connecting with my followers and learning about their healing stories. I am so thankful for this platform in its ability to connect others suffering through the same thing. It builds support and solidarity. I appreciate every single message. All of you inspire me to keep sharing my story. I was so excited that I pushed myself too far and the inevitable migraine took over my head. 

Today I woke up feeling grateful for this community and grateful for finally being at a place where I can handle the screen long enough to start this blog. To spread awareness and share my story. I woke exhausted, but ok at knowing that having a slow morning this cloudy and windy day in Miami was what I needed. That I will still have time to  finish everything I needed to do. That taking the time to listen to my body and rest was more important. The sound of the wind rustling through the trees has such a calming effect on me. All I wanted to do was sit outside and write. Nature tends to have that effect on me – on making me turn inward in the most positive of ways. Not focusing on the negative, but taking time to reflect on the positive and just be present. Taking in every sound and the sensation of the wind of my skin. Leaving my mind calm, but yet filled with purpose and hope. We are so addicted to our phones, it is important to take some time and just sit with your thoughts and nature and connect. Let our minds sit still.

I had been neglecting my journal lately, and today was the perfect time to start writing down my thoughts again. I knew that today I was going to set an intention for the month and plan. 

December 1st isn’t just the first of any month. It is the first day of the holiday season. It is the most exciting first of any month. December just oozes joy. But the first of December is also a calm before the storm. For many of us, December is one of the busiest months, at times one of the most stressful months. There are so many social commitments, family commitments, financial commitments, stress about preparing for holiday dinners and parties, gifts for your loved ones, travel plans. For many of us, it’s the stress that the year is coming to an end and wanting to end the year on a bright note and be ready to take on January 1st with a bang. This year I know I have many deadlines and social commitments in the next few weeks! Taking the time to breathe, reflect, and make intentions for this month is necessary to get through the next few weeks. I also love reading my horoscope for the new month. Its a silly fun thing I do, but it always leaves me feeling hopeful and determined to crush my goals.

So invite you all to take a few minutes today to reflect on this upcoming month. Maybe for you its meditating for 5 minutes, seeing up your planner for the month, writing in a journal, or simply spending time with loved ones and truly be engaged with them.

Navigating the holidays with a concussion can be especially tough. I missed all of Christmas dinner last year because I had an excruciating migraine. There are so many expectations and yet you know your body can’t handle them all. I will be writing a concussion holiday survival guide that I will be sharing with you soon! As well as a gift list for this holiday season! I will also be sharing some healthy holiday recipes, so stay tuned!

If you can’t tell I am super excited for this month! Wishing you all a happy 1st of December!